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Sólo Madrid Capital: quiropodia, curas, plantillas...


Is the removal of calluses, hyperkeratosis, (rough skin, corns), treatment for in-growing toenails, mycosis (fungus) of the nails and skin, verrucas warts, (papillomas)...


Corte y fresado de uñas


Orthopaedic podiatry

Treats both static and dynamic disorders of the feet through the use of personalised plantar orthoses (insoles) and silicones.

Biomechanical exploration

Is the study undertaken of the patient’s manner of walking and their foot support. It is performed through an examination of the movements of the feet and through the use of a computerised platform of both dynamic and static pressure. These examinations enable us to evaluate and diagnose problems, pain and deformities of the feet, knees, hips and spine, together with the origin of same. Flat feet, pes cavus, pronated foot, supinated foot, etc.